Sunday, May 01, 2005

اّلو من سنين

اّلو من سنين
بذرة حنين
فى ارض اجدادى اترمت

و اّلت كمان
ايام زمان
قصتنا من هناك ابتدت

حب و حنان
عشق المكان
فى ارض احبابى نبت

شجرة وفا
تشق السما
فى حضن امتنا اتسقت

زملا ف كفاح
شمس و صباح
فى ارض عروبتنا حرت

نرمى البذور
تخرج جذور
فو عمق ثقافتنا تمسكت

حبنا لبعضنا
دقات قلبنا
من قلب الصخور سرت

و هتف بينا صوت
بلاش السكوت
و ف التو قامت رنت

نحو المكان
الىٍ زمان
بذرتنا ف ارضه اترمت

و اّلت كمان
أيام زمان
رحلتنا من هناك ابتدت
Written : 14/1/2000


# Juwaireyah # said...

gamda awy begad, masha'allah, I like your style geddan, bas ana besara7a day3a fel arabic potry ya3ny, English is my favourite...
Keep it up, waiting for more :-)

Phantom of the Blog said...

wow that is really nice! i like it a lot! it is pretty

Steliano Ponticos said...

free soul your concept of your country is very civilised..because you write about istory and civilisation and identity. I wish more people think of their countries this way and not so xenophobic and with ta3assob you see...great job.

free soul..your poems are all so nice but, and I am really saying this in a constructive way, did you notice that the metric ( al wazn or el taf3eela) is a little bit broken in the third line of each verse. I don't mean to say this as a criticism but how do you stand on this? you think its important?

free soul said...


Thanks for the words that I am sure I don't deserve half of them :-)

about el "wazn" , I knew it may be broken, but actually , I didn't care much.
when I wrote that stuff all I cared for is to represent some kind of strange feelings I had inside me, I didn't know much about "wazn" at that time as I was just a kid , but also I didn't give it that importance.

In my definition, true emotions build good poem, right "wazn" makes it musical and make it really poetry, I just cared for the second part, as all I cared for is to represent myslef as I feel.
By the way, thanks for being honest, I published after 6 years to know what others really think, and believe me I was so pleased by your comment :-)

Waitting for your work to be published too,and for the answer of the question posted on your blog !! :-)