Friday, April 29, 2005

شوفت الخيانة بتترسم
شوفت البراءه بتتهدم
و ضلمة الليل و المسى

عيشت المرارة من الندم
لئيت احلامى بقت عدم
و ف قلبي الف جرح و أسى

فى قبورها المنى بقت رمم
و تراب الخيانه عليها ردم
مش شكلها مش رسمها

فى يومها قلبى اتعدم
من حبه مات لما انحرم
و ف يوم هيحيا من الوفا

لازم ف الدنيا لازم وفا

Written: 19/8/2000


# Juwaireyah # said...

Here I'm back again :) pleasure writing in your blog :)

This is a very nice poem, reminds me of Muhammad Mounir's songs, which is one of my favourites...

How about paying a visit to my blog? hope you'd like the posts there :)

free soul said...

The pleasure is mine :-)

keep visiting me, I really appreciate your opinion, the poems I write looks silly to me now, but I was much younger at that time, the point I can't deny is, it still carry a great deal of my soul, and I want to share my soul with everyone, so here they are, they are all yours ,but no guarantees you will like it :-(

Steliano Ponticos said...

This poem reminds me of Ibrahim Nagui's poetry. It has a very romantic style.

Did you read a lot when you wrote them...I mean what were your influences? :)

I wanted to put my arabic poetry on my blog..but I don't have arabic characters now..I think it would have been fun to compare.

free soul said...

Welcome my friend steliano,

hmm, in that period of my life, I used to read alot in everything, but not in arabic poetry, I used to read english peotry for a while.

Thanks , I will be waitting for your poems, I like to read others work too :-)

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

Ana Alby Et2a66a3 ya Majed kefaya ... 7aram 3aleek :-P ... bass gamda 3ala fekra ... enta betfakkarny be2eslob el Abnoudy .. enta bet7ebbo ?

free soul said...

Hi ahmed, finally you are back here, welcome :-)

I don't know the answer of your question as I don't read arabic poetry much, but I love the black romatic style in general.

I published some other stuff, will wait to know your opinion :-)

Steliano Ponticos said...

ahmad, el abnoodi 3ala baladi aktar ye3ni his poems are more polular, ana bshoof free soul 3endo 2osloob 2a7mad rami a little bit, just a little bit...yasoo

Anonymous said...

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