Thursday, April 21, 2005

أرب شوف

ارب شوف زمن مألوب
زمن أراجوز ماشى بالشألوب
شبابنا خلاص تاهو بالحبوب
و عندنا شلة من غير عيوب

أرب أري و لا تستغرب
أحسن شباب تاه و اتغرب
و الناس بدم الفأر تتشرب
زمن عجيب كله مكرب

أرب أرب عليا و اسمع
شلتنا شلة عيال مجدع
احسن ناس تقول و احنا نسمع
و كفايه عليهم..يعنى لازم تعمل؟؟؟

ادخل عليا و اسمع و سدأ
ان الشله دخلها محندأ
و احنا غلابه و لا بندأأ
عقلنا مع الدخان طار و زأزأ

تعالى و اسمعنى و قول اييه يعنى
تكون الكراسى فاضيه بتغنى
فضايح بالجمله...وقتهم ديق يعنى
و عن الباقيين ربنا هو المغنى

شوفت يا صاحبى الدنيا جميلة
و فوقنا كلنا راية العيلة
و مهما كانت الخيبة تقيلة
هما غلابة ما بيدهم حيلة

واحنا و بس بتوع العيبة
و نستاهل يمكن نبطل خيبة
ارب قولى من غير ريبة
احنا السبب بطلوا خيبة


Ahmad El-Saeed said...

hahaha ... tesadda2 gamda fe3lan ... bass mish a7na bass el sabab ya majed ... feh 7agat ketter tania ... zay el..... , walla ab2a a2olak fe el koleya ba2a ;-)

Steliano Ponticos said...

I really like egyptian 3ameya poetry..especially sala7 jahin and bayram. Who wrote this bit?

It reminds me of an (I think) Egyptian proverb..."they who can not dance...

I really think our situation only changes if we change ourselves. People complain about many things but rarely about their faults.

free soul said...

Thanks pal for your comment, this bit is by me a very long time ago , more than 5 years ago as the date indicate beside it

I like egyptian 3ameya too, I used to write poetry in 3ameya and fosha when I was younger

as you said, we have to change and stop complaining all the time, I may look sometimes cruel when I say that it is all our fault, but sadly it is the truth

# Juwaireyah # said...

Helwa awy fe3lan
Ham yeda7ak we ham yebakky!!!!
magarrabtesh te3mel salon thakafy fe sa2yet Abdul Moneim Al sawy?? bethaya2ly hayra7abo awy...
waiting for more....

Steliano Ponticos said...

free soul I write arabic poetry too, but only fos7a..I will try to put some soon on my blog..keep going.

free soul said...

My friend # Juwaireyah #

first , welcome for the first time to my very new old blog, the arabic one is almost fully made of very old things I wrote about 5 to 7 years ago

Very glad you liked it, I hope you come and visit from time to time, I can't guarantee that you will like all of them, but always remember, I was much younger at that time, but the soul remains the same
thanks for your nice comment, I will be expecting you back soon :-)

free soul said...

Steliano Ponticos :

hi pal, I will be checking your blog from time to time to read your poetry, I love poetry, especially 3ameya as I feel it comes directly from the soul with no limits or obstacles of grammer rules

Keep visiting me,althought this stuff is very old, but I appreciate your opinion in them :-)