Friday, May 06, 2005

هلوسة و كلام عيال

قال لنا حكيم فى قديم الزمان
كل من عاش فى الارض فان
و كل انسان له مثيله فى الجان
و ليس فى الارض ثعبان له اذنان
و الارض تقترب من المريخ مرة كل سنتان
و انا لم ارى حبيبتى منذ يومان
اّه اذن من عقل مثقل بالاحزان


Steliano Ponticos said...

hallucination is always fun, what do you use to hallucinate. No I'm kidding.

This is a bit like a song by abdel 7aleem but I can't remember which.

free soul said...

"halwasa we kalam 3eyal" is the original name of that bit, When I wrote it long ago, I looked at it then I just understood that this was nonsence that came from a very sad heart, so I added the last line and put the name!!

They say i don't need any thing to hallucinate, I was born ready to do so without the help of any thing else :-)

# Juwaireyah # said...

This was funny...
But I think you weren't feeling good while writing this one, right??

free soul said...

yeah,you are right :-(

it was one of the low mood times , I don't remember the reason now -Thank god :-) - but as I wanted to share the good moments with you , I posted this to show you how I look like in my low times :-(

sydalany-وش مكرمش said...

جميل الأي كلام ده