Friday, June 01, 2007

عشق حتى الموت

من يظلم من ؟؟؟؟
أنت... أنا... أم الاّخرين

تعشق حلم بعيد
تحتضنه ... تضمه بقوة فى أعماقك
يموت فى أحضانك فلا تفلته
تخاف أن تدعه فلا تراودك ثانية الأحلام
ينتن الحلم فى صدرك
تتلوث به روحك... تتسمم
تموت من الأعماق
و تفقد القدرة على الحلم

خلف كل حلم ميت... حلم جديد
لا تحزن
لا تحزن ان ماتت الأحلام
فخلف كل حلم يموت... حلم جديد
خلف كل أمل يموت... أمل وليد
دع الذكرى , أغلق خلفها الأبواب
ضع خلف كل باب... باب
خلف كل حلم يموت... ذكرى لا تموت


ensana said...

وإن كنت تدعو للأمل فقد دفن الأمل تحت أكوام الألم التي تفيض به كلماتك

freeSoul said...

My friend, sometimes after a while from something you discover that the problem is not "you can't forget it" rather than, it is "you don't want to forget it!!"

you get scared of never having a similar feeling and taste again so you just get stuck to dead emotions, they will never help, they rather harm and after a while you will forget how to open your heart for new different feelings

recently, i discovered that i was in this situation

What makes me loves my journey is that I am open to knowing more and more about me, in each step i get to know this "me " more, get to know his weakness and his strenght, what i am missing is satisfaction with what i am, i need to love this person as is, may be i need to be a little selfish :)

ensana said...

Yes.. I do agree with you.. and hardly find anything to add :)

Come on, go ahead.. be a little selfish ... GO GO GO ..

إنسان خردة للبيع said...


They Release Me from 2 days ..... hmmmm .... actually i left without telling them anything

my number is 0113742704 .... sorry for this late reply

Enjoy your Freedom :)

We alf mabrouk 3alena kolena .... Kafara

ensana said...

so many years have passed...