Wednesday, March 01, 2006


المصرى اذا غضب غضب فى صمت و اذا تذمر تذمر فى صبر


Zeinobia said...

Great wisdom but it is not always like this
you know I once read the play called the return of the soul I guess it is for Tawfik El-Hakim ,it is said that this play inspired Nasser to make a revolution
anyway in this play the most important part of it ,its core with a conversation between a british and french both working in Egypt , the french is egyptologist ,anyway the british made fun of its as some stupid lazy peasants ,the french looked to him and told him that not to judge us like this because simply we are like the Volcano ,no one knows when it is going to errupt

YABCO said...

Im just wondering who wrote that quote' tayeb where's the great revolution "masre" did'...well im totally against it';p

free soul said...

zainab, it is not good to be like a volcano because volcanos stay idle for thousands of years and when they explode they go blindly killing everyone, that is not what i love egypt to be!!

free soul said...

yabco, welcome back from jordan!!

ok, if you mean my quote, it is not taking about any revolution, actually if you read it well you will find that it makes fun of the ability of the egyptian to keep his anger trapped and never make a real revolution

yet we have two revolutions in our history, only two, one is well known as 1919 and the other is very old and very violent!!!

ahmed said...

Please drop your link to
as I think it has been taken over and now links to some very bad sites.