Saturday, November 19, 2005


و تلك هى محنة المصريين الاساسية التى عانوا منها فى حلقات تالية من تاريخ وطنهم, و لعلها محنة عربية قومية فرضت على العرب دائما, اختيارين لا ثالث لهما:

اما القبول بنظام حكم وطنى معاد للاستعمار, ساع الى التحرر من التبعية لكنه مع ذلك يهدر حرياتهم العامة و الفردية و يحكمهم بالمعتقلات و السجون و يقيم حكما بطريركيا وطنيا

أو القبول بنظام حكم تابع او عميل أو –على الاكثر- غير متشدد فى الوطنية لكنه مع ذلك, أكثر ديمقراطية و أقل اهدارا للحريات العامة و الشخصية و أكثر احتراما لسيادة القانون و حصانة القضاء

أما الطريق الثالث و هو ان يكون النظام وطنيا و ديمقراطيا معا فهو اختيار لم يكن واردا الا نادرا

حكايات من دفتر الوطن
صلاح عيسى


Alaa said...

معلش اللي أحنا بنشوفه اليومين دول هو نظام تابع عميل غير وطني يقمع الحريات و لا يمارس الديمقراطية.

free soul said...

I agree, but the alternatives now are the choices I listed above ! :)

I wonder what if the muslim brothers take control of egypt!! (knowing for sure that I am not against the persons but i am against the frozen ideas they believe in)

also if you read the story in the english blog, you will know why it is most of the time like that, another example is Iraq now, either with the occupation or with terrorism :(

Mohammed said...

تذكرني بموضوع قديم كتبته:

Ahmed Shokeir said...

الطريق الأول : إما القبول ب
الطريق الثانى : إما القبول ب

وهى دى المشكلة

الطريق الثالث لازم إحنا اللى نوجده

free soul said...

to be effective you need to be a real percentage, the problem is, most of the people seek one of the two already existing ways , the population concentrate on them and if you choose the third way you will be alone :)

the other problem, if you choose the third way, people will still consider you in one of the two ways, consider iraqis now, they don't have the third way and those who seek it are considered-from the people- either with the gov and americans or against it

free soul said...

Mohammed, I will read your text tonight when I return home, I read part of it but I then had to return back to meetings in work

Masreya said...

nice blog fe3lan
i enjoyed reading thru it bgd...which i rarely do!

bs leeh el 3'adab da kullu mnkol 7aga fel dunia...
matz3lsh bs begad e7na msh fal7een fe 7aga 3'eir fel sa5at wel3'adab welketabah fel blogs wel spaces..wana menhom "el 3'adbaneen eyahom"

free soul said...

masreya, welcome here and really glad to read your comment, it is an honour to have your comment here :)

sure we should be angry, when 95% of things make you angry then you must be angry but that shouldn't blind you from the 5% good things left, it is just that the voice of good things is so low,

A friend told me an african proverb that i liked it alot:
When a tree falls down, we hear it;
when a forest grows, not a sound.

it means when something bad happen it is easy to know about it more than another southand good thing

I promise you I will start to concentrate a little more on the positive sides to balance things

thanks for passing by, don't make it the last :)

Masreya said...

no i won't....itoldi like ur thoughts

keep up