Sunday, October 23, 2005

منتهى الوقاحة!!!!

خرج أحد العاملين فى كلية الهندسة جامعة القاهرة من مكتبه قبل موعد الافطار بقليل

الكلية الخالية تبدو نظيفة و جميلة بينما الشمس تقترب من الغروب

التفت الى زميله و قال:

"الكلية جميلة"

ثم ادار وجهه الى الجهة الاخرى و بصق بعنف على الارض!!!!!!!

منتهى الوقاحة!!!!


Zeinobia said...

When George Bernard Shaw visited Egypt last Century , an Egyptian Journalist I guess from Al-Ahram asked him
"When do you think Egypt will return back its glory and become an international power as before?"
He answered
"When You stop spitting on the floor"
I read it in the Wafad
This is my comment

free soul said...

You are totally right, I am afraid so :(

I will tell you a thing, I was talking to American friend and somehow we got into a debate about civilized actions when she told me suddenly:

Stop talking about civilized actions while your people urinate in the streets!!!

I was stuck and for moments, I found nothing to say :(

Anonymous said...

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