Tuesday, June 07, 2005


من قبل ما أكتب انا عارف القول ضايع
والأجر بالتأكيد ذاهب حسب الشايع
يامصري وانت اللي هاممني من دون الكل
هزيل ويحسبك الجاهل عيان بالسل
من بين الناس تصبر أنت علي كتر الذل
ونمت والعالم فايق قوم بص وطل
قوم شوف الشعوب
قول كلمتك
أصرخ وزعق
أتكلم ......وأرجع انسان
بتصرف* من اشعار بيرم التونسي
I know you should have got bored of me so I found it would be nice to add something not of my own in here :D hope you like it


Steliano Ponticos said...

fS I really love bairam I have a diwan of his called ya 3arab.

I want to ask you a question. There is an Egyptian 3ameya poet called El Abnoodi, do you know if he is a muslim or a kopt. Thank you

free soul said...

steliano, bairam is a wonderful man, his poems are so easy,effective and simple , I really love the guy

although the question is really weired, al abanoodi is a muslim

by the way, today was my last day in college, I just finished :D

Steliano Ponticos said...

I am sorry for the wierdness. Its only that I heard a poem of his that was full of references to the bible. But this just means he knows the bible, I guss.

Congratulations for the end of colledge. You are really free, free soul:)

The same day I finished exams I started a work placement. Not a single day of holidays between the two....but I will hav my holidays in August.

free soul said...

no problem man, I had that impression the first time I read for naguib soror, although he is christian, but he knows qur'aan well and refers to many parts of it and i even listened to a recording for him speaking in a meeting with some friends, he used in many places things from qur'aan as a reference to what he says

It is very recommended to take other riligions as culture and study it well, I hope I can do so when I have a suitable chance

Steliano Ponticos said...

What you said is so true...I would also say listening to the music of other peoples is very important.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

أنا بحب بيرم على فكرة..
شكرا عليها
و متنساش البرنامج.. النهاردة هينقشوا حاجة أنا كتباها
بس قول ياااا رب

free soul said...

rabena ma3aky, I will be there waiting on time :)

benmmnh said...


Steliano Ponticos said...

free soul I am missing your posts

mohsen zieny [freedom] said...


من خلال برنامج مدونات الذى سيذاع قريبا ان شاء اللة على موجات اذاعة الشباب والرياضة ارجو المشاركة الحرة فى هذا الموضوع من خلال مدوناتكم السابقة أو مدونة جديدة

المشاركة السياسية
هل ترى جدوى من مشاركتك فى الحياة السياسية
كيف ترى دورك فى المرحلة القادمة
لماذا ترفض المشاركة فى الحياة السياسية

مذيعة / نها كامل

Anonymous said...

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